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2 weeks left and its going by sooooo slow!

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im 38 weeks today and these last few weeks are going by sooo slow!! i dont even relly have braxton that a sign she may come late?? i wish we new exactly when she was comming, waitng is killing me

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It will help if you just relax.  Take your mind off things it will go faster.  I did lots of things, try going for a walk or buy a book you will enjoy.  I used to drive to Blockbuster every day and rent 24 hrs of movies LOL.  So enjoy the last few weeks.  take pictures and have fun!!!
Yes, enjoy this time! As you really want it to come at the same time enjoy it and relax. Having no braxton hicks means nothing. My first pregnancy I never had any through out the whole pregnancy. So take it in stride. It may seem slow but once it's there it'll go by fast!!
I totally know what you mean.  I am due March 10th and i have tried just about every natural way to induce labor except castor oil.  The slowest two weeks of my life!!!  Cant wait to meet my little guy and have my body back to myself...

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