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2 weeks with strong period cramps, no I pregnant?

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So I had my last period some time in May. I'm really bad at tracking, as I've had irregular periods for awhile, I just gave up on tracking it. Anyways,I believe my last period was sometime in May, maybe the second week, it's now July 11th. I'm pretty sure my period is late by now lol. I remember that I did have a brown discharge and I thought my period was coming on. The last, I believe 5 periods, have had a brown discharge for a few days and then I get my period. This time I had the discharge for not even 2 full days and then no period. I thought it was odd, but just went on. Still, no period. The last two weeks I have woke up and my mouth had been watering like I was going to throw up, but I didn't. Some nights when I'm headed to bed I get nauseous, but don't throw up. Just fall asleep. I have had migraines, but this is normal for me as I suffer from them, so not sure if that means anything. The last two weeks I have had horrible period cramps, but still no period. I'm not sure what's going on. I can't just head into the doctors as I don't have insurance. I afraid that if I did they would just tell me that I'm getting my period, no big deal. That would be one expensive doctor visit to tell me I'm getting my period. I figured I would ask here first before anything.

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