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2 year old at the hospital when baby is born?

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I'm a week away from having a c-section and meeting my baby girl. I'm having a lot of anxiety about my son staying with his grandfather for the duration of my hospital stay. He is two years old and has Never stayed the night with anyone by himself. He only wants me at bedtime, I sit by his bed til he falls asleep each night, and my f-i-l has voiced his opinion in favor of the cry it out method. I don't know if that's what he will attempt to do bc little man may or may not go to bed very easily. I'm afraid little man is going to feel abandoned and then all of a sudden he's back home and there's a new baby? Do hospitals let older siblings stay? If so how hard is that going to be on me in the hospital? I'm sorry this is a jumbled mess but its upsetting me. Maybe more than it should. Please help.

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