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2 Year Old Nephew Can't Stand To Be Without Mother!

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My 2 1/2 year old nephew has SEVERE separation anxiety;And he lives with me and my family! I was going to be his babysitter when his mother finally got a job, but he can't stand seeing her leave! He scream/cries non-stop!You can't pretend to play with a toy from quite a far distance without him yelling and screaming NO!. He won't even let me open my mouth without yelling at me! He understands words, and I did finally get to ask him if he was upset because his mommy left and he replied Yes. I told him she'll be home soon, he yelled NO and threw himself around and screamed and cried until his dad or someone else got home. It's gotten worse though. She took him to her grandmother's and he did the same thing, but held his pee in (he wears pampers!) until his grandma called his mom to pick him up because he was screaming that his pee pee hurt. When she picked him up, he soaked his entire diaper completely! It's so bad that she quit work. And she just started a few days ago.She can't even go outside to give her pets food without him screaming and kicking and unlocking the door and trying to flee to her. I do blame her for not socializing him around others and for babying him when he throws bad tantrums, but it feels like everything is a failure. I've read articles on how to distract them, but it just doesn't work. I feel so bad.

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