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2 year old possible ASD?

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Hi, I'm wondering if my two year old could potentially be on the ASD spectrum? I only ask because he does certain things occasionally that are described as stimming. When he gets very excited (mainly whe we go to the museum to see dinosaurs) he jumps up and down and says "Dinosaur!" He'll do a couple of jumps/hand flaps at a time, however, will stop and consistently point at the dinosaur and say either "Dinosaur" or "Brontosaurus", as it's a Brontosaurus. We'll ask him where the toes are and he'll go and point them out...He will look back at us and include us in his excitement, but will jump up and down/flap his hands in excitement. What's really raised a red flag for us lately is that he's also lately been kissing my wife and i on the left cheek, and then saying "Elmo, whole" right after, as he recently saw an episode of Sesame Street where Elmo sings a song "Whole again". He'll do this a few times in a row, randomly throughout the day. He's definitely stopped doing it as much lately (started up last wednesday, and only did it once today). We can divert his attention to play with other things, which doesn't seem to bother him as he'll continue to play with other toys. I did notice this mornign when he did it that he walked on his toes while saying, "Elmo, whole!" Other than that, i haven't noticed him toe-walking, and if he does, i haven't noticed it. I must point out that he loves peek-a-boo, will ask us for hugs, turns when called, he smiles when smiled at, if he's watching a t.v. show/videos will laugh at certain parts and will look back at us and at the t.v. throughout the episode. He will look at an object if you point to it, point to items that he's talking about across the room, bring something to you to share (asked, or unprovoked), and will flip to a specific part of a book if you ask him (i.e. "where are the snowmen", he'll go to page). He'll also respond if asked a question ("what do you do at a red light?"..."stop!") He's been hitting his milestones, and can talk in two word phrases, and just had his 2-year doctors check up adn they didn't mention anything. He goes to daycare three days a week for 9-10 hours, and they haven't mentioned anything. I know that stimming is a red flag for ASD, but he doesn't seem to show any other signs. However, I'm still not sure, because he does seem shy/sometimes takes a little time getting used to new environments (may sometimes seem quiet in a new big group interactive setting for about 15/20 minutes, but will be outgoing once he's gotten his feet wet). On the other hand, he'll play/be outgoing at the water park with kids around everywhere, or on the playscape at laugh and take interest as other kids play and will explore the park. Like i said, he does many things that kids with ASD don't do, but I am concerned by some of things he does do and would like any feedback, as my research about symptoms/red flags brought up some questions. Thanks in advance for any help!

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