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2 year old son won't sleep in his own bed

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My husband just came back from Afganistan 2 weeks ago, my son was so scared to sleep in his onw bed (so I thought). My step daughter just moved back in as well. So theres a lot of adjustment going on in the home as well. He won't sleep in his own bed. We got the kids a bunk bed.. we try to stay in the baby's room and watch sesame street or play games as a family to get him comfortable with being in his room (like pediatrition recommended) and he still wont stay in his bed. we close the door and let him cry it out we've stayed in his room till he fell asleep,but he still comes crying to our bed. I need major help please. Anyone who can help me out.

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As you said, there is a lot going on that he has to adjust to. Give him some more time to adjust to everything. Having his dad back is probably a lot for everyone to deal with (my husband was a Marine and fought in Fallujah) and so is having another child in the house. Make sure your son gets as much attention as possible during the day, especially if you don't get to stay home with him. Things are crazy for him right now and he needs extra love and reassurance. And also know that is it normal for toddlers to want to sleep with their parents. My daughter is 2 1/2 and still sleeps with us a couple of nights a week even when things are totally normal at home.  
maybe putting up a baby gate in his doorway will help. he can still peek over it, he just can't get to you. knowing that he can't get to you may help him adjust faster also you know he is safe in his room and not sleeping somewhere where someone can trip on him.
I had this problem with my son, because I split from his dad and had to move back home. He was used to sleeping in the same bed as me for about 7 mths. When I was able to move out, and he had his own room, he would get up several times a night and run to my room. I actually looked online for advice, and found the best one was just to get up everytime, put him back in his bed, and give him a hug and kiss. I also have a radio on in his room, do drown out any outside noises that might scare him. It took several weeks of being up every cpl hrs, but he now sleeps all night in his bed, and if he does wake up for some reason, as soon as i lay him back down, he goes right back to sleep. It can be a tiring process. I will admit after a cpl nights of being up every 2 hrs, i was ready to just let him get in bed with me, but im glad i stuck with it. Does he have a special toy or animal that he likes to cuddle with? That helps my son, esp when he is scared.  

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