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20 weeks and possible clef palate.

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Found out earlier this week baby #2 may have clef palate. We are doing another ultrasound at 28 weeks to confirm. Has anybody gone through this before?

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My brother in law was born with one. He had sugeries after he was born and a few more as he was growing up. Hes's completely normal and the scars hardly noticeable. It will be fine but I am sure stressful.
Cleft palate refers to a separation of the roof of the mouth (so it is just inside the mouth) and is typically not idenitifed by ultrasound; cleft lip is a separation of the lip and could potentially be visible on an ultrasound. They can occur separately or together (lip and palate).  Depending on if it is lip or palate or both, the potential difficulties you will encounter and treatments are a little different. Which of these exactly did the doctor suspect? My son had a cleft palate that was suspected at the 20 week ultrasound and was repaired when we was 8 months old. If that is your situation, I can tell you more about what we went through with him if you think it would help.

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