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24 weeks and Cervix is thin as per doctor help!

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Please if anyone has had this issue please any advice will help. My doctor has put me on bed rest . due to my cervix being thin. he says im at risk for premature labor. Mind you im anemic and have hypothyroidism this pregancy. Im haveing a baby boy and its my third baby. He told me to stay off my feet. does this mean i may def have this baby early? The baby is also positioned down at this point.......I have had alll healthy pregnancies. this is the first time im experiencing these issue. any suggestions or stories to help me ease my mind would be great. Thank you all.

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talk to your doctor about all of your concerns. only he will be able to answer all your questions, as he knows your particular situation, and medical history. no, it does not mean that you will definitely have your baby early, but you are at a risk for that.
pinkpaisley is right. your dr knows more about you, your body & all your medical info so the dr is the best person to help you with this question. Dont worry about bothering tem with lots of questions, its part of their job to answer any & all of your questions & concerns. Shes also right that having a thin cervix doesnt neccesarily mean this baby will come early it does mean that its more likely & thats why youre on bed rest. cuz physical movement can thin it more. So just try to relaxe & know that you are doing everything you can for this lil bundle of joy. & talk to you dr about any & everything you want or need to. good luck

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