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26 weeks and 6 days, Sooo excited.Having some problems.

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We have decided on a name, Avery Rosemary Brooks,Rosemary is her great grandmother. So I thought I would mention that,The problem is that I have heartburn,back aches,headaches,nausea,cramps,leg cramps,swollen feet, and no matter what I do I can't make this stop. I was gonna eat bananas to help the cramps,but that makes me feel more sick. I have tried the only medicines I am allowed to take.Ginger ale doesn't help with my nausea. And my feet throb all the time,I can't get up to do anything about any of this.I feel like I am dying....Is there anything else you can think of to help?

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I took Tums for heartburn. I'd take two every night before bed. If I didn't, I'd wake up with terrible heartburn. It wasn't really a problem for me during the day, but I did have to avoid things like pizza, pasta, orange juice, and anything else that was really acidic. I had horrible morning sickness with my girls. Nothing made it go away. Nothing helped me feel better. I just had to suffer through it.Avoid sodium and drink lots of water to help with water retention. Keep your feet up, too.There are lots of sources of potassium and calcium that can help with cramps. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, leafy greens, will all be good. 
sweet potatoes, and lots of water helped with my leg cramps. i drank about 7 cups of water a day. i had terrible morning sickness, too, and nothing helped me. like v, i just had to deal with it. i vomited every 15 minutes like clockwork. i woke up frequently at night vomiting as well. take some tylenol for the back pain. if that doesn't help, go to a medical supply store, or any chiropractic office, and pick up some Bio-Freeze. it's a topical gel used for pain. it helped me a lot, since i dealt with 2 herniated discs above my tail bone during my second pregnancy. i had back surgery to correct the  problem when my baby was 7 weeks old. try ginger snaps for the nausea. i have heard women swear by them. peppermints, and goldfish, too.

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