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2yr old w/ swollen, reddish, white discharge on penis. What's happenin

2 answers
My 2 yr old son complained of pain yesterday afternoon on his Penis. My husband & I inspected it and it was swollen underneath. He urinated fine with no pain, just pain to the touch. We bathed him in a warm salt bath to clean the area a bit. Gave him some tylenolt fOr the pain. At night he sqwirmd a bit. At 5am he woke up saying "Mommy Ouchie". I took him to the bathroom to pee and also see what was wrong. His penis had white discharge. It looked like a yEast infection but had no smell. He peed with discomfort. I wiped the tip of the penis, he is intact, to remove the white discharge. Laid him to sleep without a diaper. I noticed when he woke up at 8am, when I made him pee, that he peed for a long time. So now I make sure to remind him to pee because it seems he is holding in his urine. Not good! Went to urgent care and tests have been sent to lab. Won't know what is wrong or how to treat it until tomorrow. Any idea of what might be happening to my son?

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sounds like a case of gonnorhea. and if so, why the hell would a 2 year old have it? those are the exact symptoms.
So my son doesnt have gonnorhea.  He has been tested and it all lasted two days.  He was prescribed some antibiotics and baking soda bath to ease the pain and swelling.  He is still taking the meds. And all cleared up in two days.  All test came back clear and nothing major. Just a small infection. Thank goodness it was nothing serious. 

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