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3 1/2 y/o won't use potty consistently

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I'm a young great-grandmother, raised four of my granddaughters. Worked in pediatrics for 16 years, have been around kids my entire life at home, church, etc. etc. Now I have encountered my 3 1/2 y/o great-granddaughter who has me totally stumped. She's very intelligent, talks like a 5 y/o, usually goes pee (when she's out (store, church etc.), but will still poo her pants even out - but when she is here, or at home she wets and poos her pants most of the time. We (Mom, Dad & myself) have tried virtually everything we have read, heard of and nothing has worked. Sometimes she tries (she's very independent) to clean her poo pants herself and we end up with poo everywhere. Help!

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My daughter refused to poop on the toilet until we started giving her small lollipops as a reward. After the first one she got she had no more accidents. We had tried other rewards, including candy, but there was something about the lollipop that made it worth it for her. I don't know why, but that's the only thing that worked.
My daughter is 4 and a half now but I was in the same exact boat as you when it came to potty training.  Sometimes she would go and then other times just flat out refused!  We did try the rewards with candy, coins and a dollar bill even but to no luck.  She's very fair so at times would rash up and honestly, telling her it would keep happening if she didn't go potty seemed to actually work.  She didn't want that discomfort of going through it constantly.  As of January this year, she finally started pooping in the potty and it has been smooth sailing ever since.  She used to be so afraid saying it didn't go in there.   When your great-granddaughter is ready it will happen - I use to not believe that phrase but honestly now I do.

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