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3 home test with a very faded positive line, am I pregnant?

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I took one test first thing this morning, got a very faded line. I couldn't believe it so i took two more all with the same result. I mean it is very faint, but it is there. So could I be pregnant or am I just being over hopeful/worried :)

answers (8)

It is very possible that u r pregnant. The same thing happened to me with my second pregnancy. When I went to my Dr she got a positive. U can go to ur Dr or wait another week to take another test. Ur choose! But Congratz and good luck!!
Im going to bet that 90% you are prego .. but just to be sure, take another test as soon as you wake up in the morning and ifyou see the same results again, go to a doc, so they can tell you for sure or not :))
Thank you both so much. This will be my third(and my last) and I have not expirenced this with my other two and it has been about 4 years. I'm gonna try again in the morning and go from there!! Trying not to get to excited!! Thank you again!
I would say the same! With my first 2 pregnancies the test came out very clear but with the last one it was so faint that you'd almost say it was neg. But I know for sure so I read it as positive.
If you are not sure take one of the pregnancy tests that scream PREGNANT:) or not pregnant:(    If you want to wait for the doctor thats alright too. Congradulations and good luck.
Most likely you are! but just to make sure take another pregnancy test and if it comes out positive again go to a doc:)Good luck!
YES!  I always had faint lines to start.  Best Wishes!
I took two digital tests and they were positive!!!! Blood work results today! Thank you all so much for your input! I appreciate it!

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