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3 month old's head is misshappen.

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my daughters head is uneven. its flat on oneside and really rounded on the other. the doctor said to change her sleeping position. i have and its not better. seems worse.i lay her on her stomach as much as possible cause i heard it helps shape babys heads. shes my first child so im learning as i go. any advice on how to correct it?

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Several of the babies in my son's playgroup had misshapen heads, due to their position in the womb.  (They were large, their moms were small; fact of life and nothing the moms did or didn't do!)  Both babies ended up seeing a specialist who had them wear a helmet for a few months to help reshape their heads.  It was NOT painful - the kids never even felt it that we could tell - and the moms, after the initial OHNOESNOTMYCHILD reaction, had fun with it and decorated the helmets with stickers and their names!  The rest of us were actually JEALOUS - we have hardwood floors and my son falls constantly, he totally could have used a helmet! I would talk to your pediatrician again, and if you don't like the answer, get a second opinion.  At this age, a misshapen head is completely correctable.  In fact, I saw one of the babies in question this morning during playgroup, and you'd never have known he had a misshapen head a year ago!  Good luck!
My daughter's head was getting a little flat on the side because she likes to sleep on that side. I made sure to turn her on the other side when she was sleeping or laying down. It evened out in a few weeks. If you are worried about it talk to her doctor and see what he/she thinks. I was out shopping the other day and saw a baby with a little helmet on that was used to help shape the little boys head. I don't know if tummy time will help shape her head, but make sure you are right there when you do lay her on her tummy. My doctor said it should only be when she is supervised. Good luck!!
thank you:) 

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