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3 months pregnant Help me get rid of gas!

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Hey all. I am 3 months pregnant with my third baby. This pregnancy is def diffrent. I have unbearable gas and heartburn every single day. which makes it very hard for me to sleep. I have taken tums...and i also watch what i eat because i notice certain foods trigger it making it worse....Please if you have any suggestions that may help this i am def open to suggestions...This hurts alot and its constant...Help! Thanks all

answers (2)

First off, quit taking Tums. They just make your belly make more acid and make things worse. Try eating a yogurt everyday. Plain is best but fruit flavored works too. Just no artificial sweetners. The other thing that worked for me is to drink cultured buttermilk when things get bad. About 2-3 ounces right before bed does the trick for me. Also, try to sleep only on your left side. Your stomach is slanted so if you sleep on your right side or back it can make things worse. Good luck and I hope you feel better :)
for the gas, ask your doctor if it's ok to take beano. they sell it at walmart. the slogan goes like this, "take beano before, and there will 'beano' gas"as for the heartburn ask if you can take a zantac.

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