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3 year old is bullying her 7 year old sister

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I have 2 daughters 3 & 7. They are both very well behaved when apart. It's another story when they are together. Especially my little girl. She has no problem running away in stores, restaurants or any situation that involves sitting for more that a few minutes. My wife takes her to many activities at our library and sitting through a story is impossible. She, soon after story begins, is up and disrupting. She's great when making crafts. Pays attention, follows direction. About a year ago she started to bully her older sister. Hit her with toys, hands, tv remotes. Kicks her pushes her ect. My oldest daughter does not deserve this but all my attempts to stop this have not worked. I don't like to spank her but I have. Not a common practice. I have tried time outs, taking toys. no playground ect. It has to stop. Does anyone have any advice please. Thank you

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How did you do the time outs? On about 99% of kids a time out will work if done correctlyEstablish that house rules are hitting results in automatic time outthen when she hits place her in time out for 3 mintues , if she leaves place her back without speaking to her once she has stayed for 3 minutes in a row ( not 1 minute sitting then off then another minute sitting... 3 whole minutes in a row) go ssee her and ask do you know why you were put in time out? If she says yes make her tell you why if she says no explain why then ask her to apologize to both you and her sister and then hugs to reassure her you still love her
wow. that's odd, a 3 year old bullying a 7 year old? i know that spanking works wonders in my house. i have only spanked my daughter 3 times. that's all it took for her to understand her actions have consequenses. now, all i have to do is threaten her with a spanking, and she straightens up real quick! she's only 20 months old, but i'm a firm believer in spanking. time-out's have no effect on her.
I have a three year old bullying her 9 year old sister. She has a 2 yr old sister and a 10 year old sister but her and the 9 year old butt heads dailey, and it has gotten progressivly worse and sad, today I made her eat dinner alone, play alone and go to bed alone it seemed to have a drastic effect on her, that if she can't function properly in a social enviroment then she doesn't get to be with other people.  So far, so good. 

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