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32 weeks ... baby 29 weeks ?!

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so i went to the doctor 2days before i turned 32 weeks & my doc said that the babys brain & heart is healthy but he measures at 29weeks instead of 31 weeks ( well 32 weeks now ) . but my placenta is older then its suppose to be . so he sent me to labor & delivery to be on the monitors for 2hours & then sent me home . now i have to go for a check up once a week ... what does this mean!? . is my baby gona be tiny ? or are they gona have to induce me because of my placenta !? im soo confused the doctor wouldnt really answer the questions all he said was he was gona moniter it !

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At this point, all your doctor can do is monitor your situation. There are probably plenty of options like inducing early if that is necessary. But, your doctor won't know if that's necessary until the time is right and he or she probably doesn't want to worry you with all of the potential outcomes. Pregnancy is overwhelming enough toward the end, you don't need to be worrying about everything that could happen.As far as the measurement goes, it's not a big deal. If your baby is within two weeks of the gestational age he or she is considered normal. The placenta issue is a little more concerning because if it starts breaking down it won't provide your baby with the nutrition and oxygen he or she needs. But, that's why you're being monitored so closely. 
With my daughter I always measured a couple weeks early. And with my son it depended on the week. Sometimes I was ahead and sometime right on. My daughter was 8lbs 11oz and my son 9lbs 9oz, so I should of been measuring a lot bigger with him. Sometime it is just how they are possitioned. If you were more then a couple off that would be an issue but they say within 2 or 3 each eay.They are just going to watch your placenta so it does not break down to early. They want you to carry the baby as long as possible because that is where she will grow the best. They just have to see what your body is doing and they will make choices from the information they gather.

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