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34 day cycle day 29 spotting stopped 4 days later took 2 test both -

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I have always been a 34 day cycle type on day 29 I started spotting & stopped 4 days later I was suppose to start 2 days but I haven't. I had a little cramping but nothing serious I am normally a heavy bleeder by day 2 & really bad cramps this did not feel like a normal period I have taken 2 test both negative. I have had hot flashes then extremely cold. I have been getting headaches too. I am normally always tired but now I feel I just can't do anything due to being tired. My appetite has increased a little. Always I was told that I have a tilted pelvis so it would be impossible for me to get pregnant. Please help I am so confused

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A tilted uterus will not prevent you om getting pregnant. Mine is tilted and Ive had four kids without even trying. The changes to your period were probably just caused by hormonal fluctuations, which are normal. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to wait a week and take another pregnancy test.

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