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35wks & wondering.. ;/

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when the mucus plug should come out, or wat is it.. wat happns when it does come out.. im pregnant with my first & clueless.. advice ...

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It will look like your vagina has a very bad cold. LOL It has looked like snot only nastier for me. It could have some faint blood streaks too. It usually comes out a few days before you deliver. It can come out in a more plug like shape and not just be slimy. It has been greenish to yellowish just like snot only a there will be a lot.
you may not even notice it coming out. i was constantly looking for it towards the end of my pregnancy, but i never saw it. i went to the doctor and asked them about it, they checked me and my water had been broken already! based on some questions they asked me, they think it had been broken for days. and i still didn't see my mucus plug.

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