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36 Weeks And Baby Hasn't Dropped Yet?

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I am 36 weeks as of today, Monday, March 14. The Doctor's say that if she doesn't drop soon, I'm gonna have to have a C-Section.. Is there anything I can do to help her move down in to the birth canal? I don't want to have a C-section.. Someone please help? I want whats best for my little girl, but I'd prefer to not have a C-section. What can i do within the 4 weeks i have left?

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get walking. something light on the treadmill with a slight incline for 20 minutes a day two -three times a day worked for me and i had my daughter at 37 weeks. check with doc about the exercise before you start/
I was blessed with a homeopathic nurse filling in for my doctor one day.  She said her best advice (my daugher needed to to turn and drop) was to lay quiet and start talking to her and put my hands on my stomache and push(not hard)my hands in a downward motion "showing her" which way to go.  It is meditating really and I started to notice her moving toward my hands and she actually did, within 2 weeks turn so she was NO LONGER BREECH.  Considering the alternative they had described to me to "turn" a baby--this was a God send.  I think she would have been an extremely stressed out baby had I sat stressed out and had her manually turned before birth.
I agree with the walking suggestion!! I was very active throughout my pregnancy, but towards the end in the hot summer weather (my daughter was born in October) my feet swelled so much I didn't walk around as much. I carried her high fairly late into my pregnancy too, but I feel like walking really helped get her lower. In fact, the day I went into labor (I was 6 days overdue and ohhhh so ready to have her) I told my husband that I was going to start walking and not stop til I went into labor. That night, my water broke :) Probably coincidence but ask your doctor if walking a lot is safe for you, it might help!

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