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36weeks and having pain from belly button up.

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I am 36 weeks pregnant and having pain and discomfort from my belly button up and it feel like she is staying in a ball.My other child came at 36 weeks.Right now I am 1 and 50% and have to go to the doctor every week.Any ideas what it could be.Getting a hot bath realizes the discomfort.

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First of all you should not be having too hot of a bath as that can elevate your body's core temperature increasing the baby's temp as well. It's common to have pain around teh belly button as there's alot of pulling and stretching there. She just may not be quite ready to be born yet as why she feels like a ball still. Also there may not be too much room for her to stretch and much any more which is why she's more in a ball. If you are concerned contuine to mention it to the doctor. Weekly appts is in order at the stage of the pregnancy so bring any concerns you have.

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