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37 weeks and back cramps. Early sign of labor?

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I'm 37 weeks along and this week I started to get some backache (like if i were on my period). I know backache/cramps is common before labor but my question is, does that mean I can have my baby within a week or do you normally get backache for days prior to going into labor? I am hoping my baby comes sooner than 40 weeks, not bc I'm miserable, but bc I just can't wait anymore =)

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I had ALL back labor with my second daughter. I was miserable for about 2 weeks? with cramps and aches. (She is 6 now so the timing might have been different) But in the end, I was only in actual active labor for about 3 hours. I'm lucky I know. I delivered at about 38 1/2 weeks.There were a few things that helped - making sure I had excellent lumbar support was the best. Also, a warm shower, or a back rub were nice.Good luck :)
Back aches are common towards the end of pregnancy even if it isn't back labor. I always have back labor and it sucks! It can mean labor is near or it could still be weeks away. Sorry :( If it gets progressively worse I would give the dr a call to get checked but other than that I would try to relax and not worry too much about it. Good luck! :)
you will have alot of back pains, and you will also soon be having braxton hick contractions which you will think is the real labor also!

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