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37 weeks and dr talking about inducing

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im 37 weeks abd my dr told me that my baby is over 6 1/2 pounds and that since im so small he doesnt think my body can handle over 8 1/2 pound baby nautral birth so he said we might have to induce at 38 or 39 weeks to be safe. im really worried about my body not being ready and me having to have a emergency c section after being prepared for a natrual birth. is there anything i can do to help my body be ready incase he does decide to induce?

answers (2)

Walking helps have your body in shape and increases the likelihood of more movement during labour. Movement is great and almost necessary if you want a natural birth. You can, if you have not already, talk to your doctor and inform him/her your concerns and fears with an inducment. The risks are higher for an emarge c-section with incudments but there's always a risk in every delivery. Another thing to do to help is not to stress and worry about it cause believe it or not that doesn't help. Try to relax and know that the doctors are ceritfited to do what they are doing and it will be ok. Don't beat yourself up if things don't go according to your birthplan. Be flexiable and know things can change without the course of the birth. :)
i was induced with my daughter and she and i are just fine. we were sapose to have a natural birth but there were complications in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with her. I have already found out with this pregnancy i am in now that if the baby does not move from where it is now they are going to have to do a schedualed c-section... i have already been threw one and it was not realy all that bad i honestly dont remember much of it. I hope that helps some of your fears.

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