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38 weeks and NOT dilated?

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So I'm 38 weeks today and not dialed, 0% effaciated and haven't lost my mucus plug. I've been having menstral like cramping, lack of sleep (3-4hrs a night!), aches/pains everywhere and feeling just plan miserable. Napping and sleeping (favorite pastimes) are pointless, as this has been going on for a two weeks. Doctor says its normal, though I'm constantly exhausted and can never get to sleep and stay asleep and I'm not able to take Tylenol Pm or other ideal aid because of possible complications. Grrrrr! I am a FTM with a healthy baby girl who already is 8 lbs, hence my total discomfort. Medically I am not allowed to go past 40 weeks due to her large size to avoid complications and Csection (she might be born 9lbs) Trying to figure out is there anything I can do to expedited the labor. Sex is out of the question. My husband hasn't been "attracted" or able to perform since I was 2 months known I'm carrying his baby. I've tried baths, walking, squats to no avail. This is driving me mad as I feel I'm going to snap from lack of sleep, pure exhaustion and discomfort.

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