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38 weeks pregnant and menstral like cramping my in back mostly....

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I have been cramping pretty hard in my back all day and it seems to keep getting worse and closer together. Also I have had some cramping in my lower abdomen. I have been to the er so many times during this pregnancy, that I don't want to go again and it be nothing. Sometimes the cramps are like ten minutes apart and other times like 20. Could I be in early labor and be on the lookout for stronger cramping? This is my first child and I am nervous. could it be the baby sitting on a nerve since its my back hurting? If anyone can help please let me know. **please do not post ugly comments! I am not asking for medical advice, just curious what other moms would do!**

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I'm having my first child as well.. i've been told that real contractions start from your back.. if i were you, i'd go to the hospital (the one you plan on delivering at) .. better safe than sorry.
I am on baby number 4 and baby one was the one i visited the er on the regular with.  I think you are in labor its whats often called back labor.  You probably will already have had the baby by the time you read this but just remember 34 wks throws you into the safety delivery zone baby is fully developed and you are 38 wks well honey congrats its about that time just don't panic and push.  Good luck!!!

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