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38 weeks & still not dilated

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Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? I am supposed to be induced next week, but I am in so much pain and nothing is helping me. I lost my mucous plug on Saturday & I feel nothing, but bad pressure every time I move or try to get up and walk around. I am up for any suggestions!!

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try sex,walking alot and casterol..ppl have mixed things about casterol but i say its perfectly cause diahrea which induces labor..grose but most the time it works.
If you lost your mucus plug you should be almost ready to go. Ilost mine and 2 days later my son was born. Walking helps, having the dr strip your membranes over the bag of water. I easily bounced and rocked on an exercise ball and that helped with the pain and discomfort. It will all happen when it is suppose to, dont rush it too much. Getting induced could mean using pitocin (speeds up contractions) and I did not enjoy that stuff!!
I'm surprised your getting induced before 40 weeks. Most doctors would rather wait until after. The natural way is always the best way. Being induced causes your body to do something it isn't ready in essence- your body will be working against the induction...which can be pretty painful.It seems pretty normal not to be dialated yet. You still have a couple weeks..or more...I lost my mucus plug two weeks before anything happened. I didn't dialate until 39 or 40 weeks...and then didn't have my son until 41 weeks.I know you are impatient but let your body do its thing...It's the best way to go.
It's very normal not to be dilated at 38 weeks. But it's understandable if you are in pain and discomfort and knowing the docs are going to induce next week. It's normally not practiced to induce before 40 weeks unless there's health reasons or baby reasons. Yes, loosing your mucus plug doesn't mean you should be dilating soon or going into labour soon. It can happen weeks later.
Thank you all :) I went to the doctors on Wednesday and I am dilated 2 centimeters and 50% effaced. The doctor wants to induce me because some of my lab tests have come back abnormal & also because of the possiblity of my son being more than 8 lbs. My cervix is posterior according to my doctor which is the reason that the other doctor didn't realize I was dilated.

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