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39 Weeks and nothing is happening. Anyone else been in this situation?

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I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I had my 39 week check-up yesterday. As of yesterday nothing is happening! I have had no contractions, not dilated at all, not effaced and my cervix is still as thick as can be. I am currently having some very light brown spotting since after my appointment but not enough to be alarmed or to think that it might be something caused by anything other then the exam. I'm more just looking for someone else who has been in this position! All of my friends either have had their babies by now or at least have been dilated/effaced a small amount the last couple weeks of their pregnancies! Even in online blogs everyone seems to have some signs of labor possibly coming! Our baby girl is in the right position but she has been for weeks and weeks! I have been informed that I have a narrow pelvis. I have had tried almost all old wives tales and have even had a massage to get things moving! Next weeks appointment we are going to talk about inducing.

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Boys are usually late, if you are having a boy. Some pregnancies last til 42 weeks. I wouldn't be worried. Baby just doesn't want to come out yet. And I tried all those tales trying to get my daughter out early but none worked. Give it a week and maybe you'll be able to see baby then.
My good friend had the same thing. She went past her due date and the day before they were gonna induce her, she went into labor. Most doctors will induce once you are 1 week past your 40 week due date. Good luck!
My good friend had the same thing. She went past her due date and the day before they were gonna induce her, she went into labor. Most doctors will induce once you are 1 week past your 40 week due date. Good luck!
I was dialated a little but, but still had to be induced 10 or so days after my 40 week due date. Waiting it out is hard to do, but that's about all you can do. I tried to stay busy to keep my mind off how uncomfortable I was. Good Luck, your amazing bundle of joy will be here at the perfect time. is a link to a page that I found & i think it could be very helpful. Its about a natural way to induce labor. Its suppose to do pretty much the same thing as whow the drs would induce you but naturally. Check it out & on the left side of the page are other options that might help too. I really hope this helps. Good luck with your lil girl I hope you get to meet her soon!
It's fairly common for a first baby to be a little late. I was induced with my first baby 11 days after my due date. Typically, doctors won't let you go past 42 weeks because after that point there are significant risks to your baby. I was induced with pitocin, had a three hour labor and almost didn't get any anesthesia before my daughter was born. My contractions weren't outrageously strong or painful. In fact, I made it all but about 10 minutes without pain medication. I got a spinal block shot and as soon as it kicked in I started pushing. I didn't cry and wasn't overly uncomfortable. With my next delivery I had an epidural which didn't work very well and I cried like a baby after they broke my water because the contractions were so painful.Don't be afraid of being induced. Since you have a narrow pelvis getting your baby out sooner will make things much easier for you. I know how impatient you are, I was in the same boat my first time around. I tried all the natural ways to induce labor but the thing is, they won't work unless your baby and body are ready. And if they aren't, there's nothing wrong with medical intervention!

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