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3D ultrasound?

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Have any of you lovely ladies had one, and if so, how was it? Im not scared by the way, I just want to know you experience. I am thinking about getting one when I am about 32 weeks or so (in about a month) but I dont know if it is worth it. Everyone I know says it is, but I only asked a couple of people. So how did yours go? What all do they show you? I would love to hear your experience if you dont think it is too personal :)

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With my daughter they gave me one at at my 8 week ultra sound and one at 20 weeks. They were nice but they baby has to lay still for it to come out good. Or at least 3 years ago they did, because at 20 weeks she was moving so much they had a hard time getting a clear picture. I never asked for them they just did them. And my son whom I just had they never did them and I did not ask for them. So I am not sure what changed, I was at the same hospital so not really sure.
I had a 3d ultrasound done at 29 weeks. It was sooo cool. We got some very good shots of her. We could see her moving around and her moving her lips. I would recommend getting it done. It was very fun, they gave us a video of the whole thing which is a nice keep sake. I can't wait till my daughter gets bigger and we can show her what she was doing in mommy's tummy. I would advise getting it done between 28 and 30 weeks because the tech we had said that is the best tine to get them because the baby is very developed but not so big that they are cramped up in there and you can't see them as well then. Good luck and enjoy!!
I had multiple 4D ultra sounds, and would recommend it to everyone!  You can see so much detail, you can see what the baby looks like.  We could even see our babys lips moving as he was sucking his fingers.  The tech informed us that having one done before 28 weeks is somewhat scary, due to the baby not having as much fat on their body, but, anytime after that is good.  For us, we had to ask for this kind of ultrasound, and they would just flip a switch and use a different wand, it took about 2 seconds.  If you can, get the 3D, the pictures are so much fun for the baby book.
honestly i didnt want to... first its expensive and also i wanted something to be  a surprise. I already knew the sex i wanted to see him for the first time and be surprise or however im trying to say this lol
Personally, I think they're a little creepy because I've seen so many that made the babies look really lumpy. I'm sure it was just because the baby moved and it's dificult to get a really great picture, but they just seemed weird to me. Plus, for most people they aren't covered by insurance and they're very expensive (and there are plenty of other things you'll need to spend money on!). I was satisfied with a profile shot from a regular ultrasound for all three of mine to hold me over until they were born. Seeing my kids little faces was a sweet surprise after all that waiting!
My doc did them routinely with along with regular ultrasounds. At 18 weeks she looked like a demon because she had no fat on her yet, but the one we had at 36 weeks brought tears to both of our eyes because we got the sweetest picture of her face. i gave birth to her 23 days later and she looked just like that picture!
It's not guarenteed that you will get a good picture. My baby had his arms blocking his face the whole time so we never got to see him.

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