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4 Month Old has throws horrible fits

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My 4 month old daughter has started throwing some pretty horrible fits and I was just wondering if this is normal. This is my first child, but I have been around many small babies and have never seen any of them have such horrible tempers. It stated out just around nap time or bedtime. Its not even that she is crying, she is just literally screaming. She stiffens her whole body, and her face turns red, and she starts pinching whatever she can grab or pushes me away. She will sometimes scream like this for 20 minutes. I have tried letting her cry herself to sleep but after half an hour she is still just screaming. She has now started the fits when I try to let her sit in her swing or play on her mat in the floor, and it can be right after a nap even. So its not just when she is tired. I was just wondering if this is normal behavior or if it is something I should talk to her doctor about?

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Sounds like she could have reflux or gas. My son did the same thing about 30 minutes after he'd eat or around sleeping periods. He has reflux and has an intolerence for dairy and soy products.Hope that helps!

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