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4 month old twin boys eat a ton, but spit a ton too

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I've got 4 month old twin boys. They love to it. No solids yet, just formula. They drink 6 oz every feeding and like to eat every 4.5 to 5 hours. I always burp them half way through each bottle and again at the end to avoid spitting up, but they always seem spit up what seems to be a lot. I tried giving them less formula, thinking I was feeding them too much, but then they acted like they were starving. Is the bottle? Is there something else I can try? It's not perjectile or anything, but it seems the I have to burp them quite a bit to avoid spit ups and if I don't get to one of them in time, then up it comes. Any suggestions?

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I too have twin boys ( they r 2 1/2 ) but I'll never forget the 1st year. They use to spit up constantly after the feedings too. I found that after the feeding I would prop them w a pillow or placing them the swing (off)  or anywhere as long and they r not laying flat. Hang in there, pretty soon they'll be able to burp themselves and hold that bottle!!!
My son spits up all the time, too. It actually seems like if he only nurses for a little bit he spits up more. He's huge though, so I try not to worry about what seems like an awful lot of vomit. I just try to keep in mind that as long as he's peeing and pooping and growing, he must be eating enough. I'm about sick of wiping up spitup though, so I sure hope it ends soon.
The spitting up could be due to how you are feeding them (eg. if you feed them at the same time sat in bottles they will get more trapped wind in their tummies and spit up), or slight reflux or a slight intolerance to the milk proteins in their formula.  I have 9 month old twins who were eventually diagnosed with reflux and intolerance and are now on prescription formula and medication.  If you think the spitting is excessive I would see a doctor and ask about reflux and intolerance.  If there is a medical problem don't suffer but I am hoping that this is just a feeding issue.  It's hard to feed one baby at a time but will get better.
If the spitting up is excessive you might want to have their stomachs looked at. The reason for this is I know of two very separate children that had problems like this one was born without the cardiac sphincter muscle and one was born with an over grown one. Either way can cause problems. Granted it could very well not be that but if this is the problem it really needs correction. Not trying to or wanting to worry you just giving you something to discuss with your physician if nothing else helps.
Sorry about the post I coppied and pasted from word dont know what happened but what I said is at the bottom.

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