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4-year-old can't seem to make friends

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My 4-year-old girl is at preschool and has been there for several months and just told me no-one will play with her. She seems to want desperately to form friendships with other little girls but always seems to be the child tagging behind the others. I have tried to facilitate one-on-one playdates with the girls she seems to like most but that seems to have caused jealousy with other little girls who have now told her she can't play with them. I have heard my daughter asking some of the girls "do you want me to play by myself tomorrow?" at the end of the school day. She is an only child so I have been trying to coach her on sharing and taking turns while playing but am wondering if her personality is the problem or is she in a year group that just does not have the right mix of children for her? She has been at the school for 6 months and has not been invited to a single birthday party. I have asked her teacher if she is mixing okay during the day and she says she is so I am really at a loss why she seems to be struggling so much to make friends.

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