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4 year old with eating issues

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I have a 4 year old little girl. She is very very picky sometimes when it comes to eating. When we sit down for dinner she wont eat. She either says her tummy hurts or the food will make her throw up. She also will not try new things. I took her to her dr to make sure she did not actually have any stomach or throat issues and she is fine. What can i do to help solve this. I hate having to force her to eat. She cries thru the whole ordeal. Help please!

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well try getting healthy things that she likes like if she like chocolate milk its just as healthy at regular milk but taste better or if she likes sandwiches instead of bologna or ham get turkey and sometimes for a snack slice up strawberrys and bananas with whiped cream or even popcorn and you can get little gummy vitimins hope this helps good luck!
Great advice Oceana!  Also try to remember that if a child is involved in the choosing of foods from the grocery store to dinner time prep it helps them want to eat it.  Try a kids cookbook, you can borrow them from the library or purchase pretty cheap at  Get her involved in the decision making, opening up her world to new foods without making it seem forced.  Kids go through stages, the important thing to remember is to make healthy choices with what she does eat.  If she prefers sweets and junk as snacks, eliminate them until you get her dinner issues under control.  Those pedisure drinks (expensive to buy), but will give her the nutrients she's missing until you can find your food rhythm might be helpful too. 
This is a tough one; I've been through it and have seen "the other side" with my now-14 year old. It is your job to provide healthy food at meal times. It is her job to eat. Period. Don't force her. She will not starve herself. Let me say that again. A child will not willing starve themselves. If she has been through a growth spurt within the past few weeks, she will naturally desire less food. Don't make eating an issue. If she refuses, simply tell her she must sit with the family during dinner and will not qualify for dessert. It is imperative you not allow her ANY treats or snacks inbetween meals. She is entering a power struggle for control with you and food is her weapon. She observed your intense reaction and knows she's on to something. Be cool and calm and matter-of-fact but firm. You don't have to get forceful about it and you don't have to give her the upper hand. You are the parent, you are in charge. Set boundaries and don't cave! She will not die and you will not be inflicting eternal damage on her psyche. You are teaching her natural consequences to HER choices, and that's a GOOD thing!
when i have worked w/kids who wont eat i usually suggest what some of the people before me have suggested, but i woul also throw in some pediasure

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