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4 year won't stay in his bed

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My 4 year grandson goes to bed without any problem. But he never stays in bed. I hear him sneaking out of his room and he doesn't get into anything he just comes into my room very quietly. After I ask if he is alright I then tell him to go back to bed. This can go on for up to 2 hours. I know he is afraid of the door being close so I make sure it is open but I'm thinking this might be my only solution.

answers (2)

My kids do this sometimes. Normally we'd just let them sleep with us, but we have a new baby who sleeps with us and we can't have our older children in the bed as well. When they wake up we calm them down, put them back in bed, tuck them in and stay with them for a little while.As long as you're consistent with making him sleep in his own bed he'll eventually stay there. It may take time but he'll do it.
i had a problem with my 2 1/2 year old daughter staying in her bed. instead of worrying about her wandering around the house, i put a baby gate in front of her door, so that if and when she does get out of bed in the middle of the night, she can't get out of her room. if she needs something, i know that she will holler for me.

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