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45 and whats going on?

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ok I am 45 and have been inactive sexually for many many years, I have grown children and even grandchildren now. I have been dating this man for some time now and we decided the time was right. We were careful, or so I thought, but here we are a month later and suddenly my breast are tender and feel thicker and my nipples are even leaking a small amount of white fluid, I have had waves of nausea for 3 days now and very fatigued where I find myself needing several naps a day. I have experienced heartburn a little more often than usual and even a bit of blurred vision from time to time. My need to urinate has increased a bit too. I have read online that at my age getting knocked up naturally is almost impossible and we did use a spermacide. Could there be anything else beside pregnancy that could cause all these symptoms at one time? I know that there are a lot of different things that can mimic pregnancy but none of those things mention the breast problems I am having. Have not done a test as of yet.

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45 is not too old to get pregnant, although you would be at a much higher risk of birth defects. My mother in law is about to have a baby and she is 45. Her doctor told her that she was not likely to conceive after a procedure she had done and of her age. He was wrong. She had to go to the doctor every two weeks and have numerous tests done but she is due soon and so far the baby looks great. If I were you I would take a test and find out.  Good luck!
take a test. if it's negative, don't ignore the idea of early menopause. best thing is to go see your doctor, if in fact you are not pregnant. 

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