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5 months and still not pregnant?

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I've had three pregnancies. My first it took one time with out protection to get pregnant. My second we weren't trying at first but didn't use protection and it took over a year. my third it took 6 months and we were trying. And now we have been trying for 5 months and nothing. I stopped taking my birth control the beginning of September and ever since I have had spotting then skip a month and spotting twice in the next month then nothing again and this last month I had an actually period 7 days and i'm late again. Just took a test and it was negative. What are we doing wrong?

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Hi ive had two pregnancies in the last 6years and have been on no contraception in that time, the first pregnancy i had was my 5year old daughter the pregnancy and birth was perfect all natural and the second pregnancy when i found out was last year march 2014 and i miscarried last year in may at 10weeks pregnant and i have not got pregnant other than that i just dont under stand it and since it happend iv hoped every month and been disapointed and then tried again the next month so this month as of this day im 4days late of my period and had no signs its goin to come and also have no pregnancy signs xxx .

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