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5 mths pregnant how do u know for sure if the doctor is gender correct

3 answers
im 5 months pregnant and im just scared the doctor gives me the wrong gender of my baby. i just want to know how do you know like almost 100% sure if the doctor is correct on his/her answer of my baby's gender?

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It is always just a guess with ultrasound. The only way to know for sure before baby is born is to have an amniocentesis. That takes cells from the fluid and has baby's cells mixed in. Then you can see if there is a y chromosome or not. The only other way to be sure is to give birth. 
im in the same boat you are in, when i went in at 22 weeks for the screening to check for abnormalities they said we are having a girl...but im still a little scared if it comes out a boy, i just know theres a chance the dr is wrong and have a backup name picked out JUST in case... just hope LO turns out healthy as can be :)
the further along you become, the easier it will be to detect the child's gender. 4d ultrasounds show a lot more than regular ones, so ask if this is an option.

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