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5 yr old daughter "pleasuring" herself. What do I do?

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My daughter has taken to rubbing herself on chairs or other things. When confronted she says it feels good. I don't know what to do. I don't want to make her feel like she is being bad but I don't want to encourage this behavior. It's happening several times per day. Any advice?

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This is normal behavior for young children. As they grow and explore their bodies they end up doing things that make them feel good. Of course, this leads to. Situations like the one you are experiencing. With my old two, they like to touch their genitals while watching tv, or otherwise just sitting around. We tell them that they aren't supposed to touch their "pee-pees" unless they are going to the bathroom. In your case, just tell her that what she is doing isn't appropriate behavior, especially when other people are around. You don't have to scold or make her feel like she's in trouble, just state it matter of factly .

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