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Is 5oz of milk too much for my toddler ?

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Okay well since my toddler who's 14 months old( U kno one year old lol) has transitioned from formula to whole milk, her pedi tol me 2-3 oz of milk. But lately I've been giving her like 4-5 oz of milk like 3-4 times a day. Morning, afternoon, evening and night. In between times I give her apple juice, pear juice, mashed pototoes(milk is in it) Mac and cheese, pineapple chunks, bread( morning afternoon) . You know things like that. I'm currently waiting for my food stamps to come in( i live in Brooklyn) so I can get more fruits and stuff for her when we go out on the road. ( she's on WIC as well). So I want to know am I giving her too much milk ??!!! Even with 4-5oz of milk she will still eat other foods( she's soo greedy like her mom lol) thank you in advance! N btw I'm a new time mommy basically raising her by my self . Her dad on "vacation"

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