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5wk old with eating!!!

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my 5wk old son seems to have eating issues...when he was two days old he started what we thought to be colic. we've tried gas meds and gripe waters nothing seemed to work. then we noticed some possible reflux symptoms...but upper gi shows there's no reflux. he's constantly hungry and constantly gassy. when he eats he swallows alot of air he seems to be so hungry that he starts swallowing before he gets a good latch on the nipple but he eats 3+oz every 1-2hrs. sometime less seems his formula isn't enough that i've resorted to cereal already we've tried 4 different formulas and i also breast fed. we've tried 6 different bottles and nipples and that doesn't seem to be the problem...he also seems to have a restroom issue...he can pass gas but can't move his bowels. i thought he was constipated so i have him a supository but he's not constipated actually it was pretty soft. i don't know what to do anymore i'm at my wits end i wish i could help him because i'm tired of seeing him in pain. if you have any advise please help me

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My oldest daughter was the same way, She was always gassy, and had trouble with BMs.If you're breastfeeding as well, do it as much as possible when he's constipated it's supposed to be a natural laxative. Babies always seem like they are hungry all the time, as long as he's gaining weight and the doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be either. You could also try switching his formula. If you're really concerned I would call your pedatrition, he will give you the best advice.
A lot of that sounds like what we went through with our 2nd daughter.  After many trips to the doctor, they finally found out she was allergic to milk, so we had to switch to a non-dairy formula. But I agree with KayKaysMommy, if you're really concerned have your pediatrician take a look.
I would talk to your pediatrician for sure. But my best friends son had problems and is now on soy formula. Also make sure with the doctor that it's ok to give your baby cereal because mine said it's not good for them until 4 months old. I'm guessing you put it in his bottle which my ped said is a big no no. Good luck, hope your lil guy feels better soon!
My son has always had bm issues, he has hard stool, and can go a whole weekend and not have a single one.  We give him gas medicine and gripe water and it seems to help, but it does sound like an allergy, I would say talk to the doc and have them do a whole work up to know for sure.  rice cereal for a 5 wk old isn't a good idea, they can't handle it untill they are about 4 months old.  that could be the issue too. 

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