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6 month old hating Daycare

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My 6 mo just started daycare last weeks and cries almost the entire time no matter what they do to try to satisfy her and make her happy. How long well this last and is there anything I can do to make the transition any easier? She has a blanket from home and a few of her own toys.

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Thats tough! My Mom had an in-home daycare for about 20 yrs, so I've seen lots of kids just start out at a daycare. How long it will last really depends on your child. It's harder to adjust if no one else has watched her before, like grandparents or something. Try not to feel bad, eventually she will get used to it. She will learn that Mom is coming back, that she still is taking care of me. I think you are doing all you can do, unfortunately. Show her that you love her, give her hugs and kisses when you leave, and scoop her up and cuddle her when you pick her up. I think it also helps to have something familiar with her, like her blanket and toys. It's hard for everyone at first, you, the sitters, and her. But things will get better, and when she gets older hopefully she'll even enjoy going.

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