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6 Months old and Still needs to be Swaddled/Burritoed!

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My Daughter turned 6 months on the 11th and when ever she try's to go to sleep (In the car, a nap or even Night time) She HAS to be Swaddled... But just her arms, from her waist down she wants to be completely free and have movement but if I don't restrain her arms she screams and scratches her face up, Ive tried losing the blankets in the middle of the night but she wakes up as soon as I do it and begins yelling and trying to scratch herself! When we are in the car she try's to sleep but if I don't have a blanket to secure her arms she screams the entire car ride. Im just at my wits end with her, She has always been a very fast learning baby (I wont say advanced as every mom thinks their child is) She can say "Hi" and "Nuuu" She Crawls, she cant figure out how to sit up yet, she is on Stage 2 Baby food, She knows how to clap her hands and can click her tongue at people. Any info from other moms would be great! and thank you!

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Some babies need to be swaddled longer than others. It's completely normal. I would discuss this issue with your daughter's pediatrician to see if there are ways you can get your daughter to calm down.
Sometimes my 3 yr old still likes to be wrapped up tight when he is relaxing and going to sleep.  I think he just feels secure and I bet thats why your daughter likes it too :)  
My son needed to be swaddled until he was 8 months old - and I've read on some forums that some kids are swaddled up to one year.  I was just as anxious as you are to get my son out of the swaddle, but he's totally fine now, loads of energy and smart as a whip.  Your daughter just isn't ready to come out of the swaddle, and it's not going to hurt her to keep her in it for a little while longer. 
Caitlyn loves to be swaddled shes 9 months old and she doesn't need it she goes to sleep without it but I have noticed that she has nightmares without it so maybe its something that makes her feel comfortable and safe she will grow out of it.

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