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6 weeks and already have a pooch! this is my first baby, is it normal?

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My sister-in-law is like that.  She started showing at 6 weeks.  Now that she's 10 weeks, she can't fit into any of her old pants - she's gone to all maternity stuff.  It depends on your body.  Check with your doctor; I'm sure he/she will say it's perfectly normal.
I started showing with my son (my first) right away prob around 6 weeks also. Its very normal especially if you a a smaller person. I am 5 foot and WAS 103 when i got preg with him so my little baby bump popped out right away. It doesn't mean anything. As long as your eating healthy and exercising a little dont even worry about it. Be excited your pregnant and get just that much longer to show it off. 
yes it is normal it all depends on where your baby implanted. thats what happened to me even tho i was loosing weight i got a bump bery early.
Whew, good to know!  Thanks so much everyone!:)
Yes it is normal. I was 110 pounds before, so you could tell i was pregnant around the first 5 or 6 weeks.
im 6 weeks now and showing went to the doc and he told me that it is normal and some woman show before others
yes it is! everyone is different and start showing at different times
Yep.... im 5'6 and 120 pounds... and already i feel like im fat and im only 7 weeks!!!!!!! Girl i feel your pain....
It is normal.  People close to me noticed my tummy at around 6 weeks and I didn't even know I was pregnant until 2 weeks later.  I just thought I wasn't working out enough.  Each person and pregancy can be different.  Stick to super stretchy jeans and leggings for comfort until you can fit maternity clothes.  Best wishes!
this is also my first baby and I'm 8 weeks be 9 on Monday and I am also already showing so i would say yes :)

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