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6 weeks pregnant spotting after sex and pelvic ultrasound help

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Hi, I found out that I was pregnant a few weeks ago my ovulation was about 6 weeks ago. I went to my doctors yesterday because 3 nights ago I had sex and at first had red spottinv first thing in the morning and pink throughout the day. My cervical ultrasound turned up little information only at 6 weeks and 3 days (3rd pregnancy) they couldn't find the heartbeat and rescheduled me for Monday. A few hours after the exam I bled red again and since then have been spotting up until now, sometimes pink sometimes red the only "clots" I've had could be explained by the seamen left from sex and gel from the exam. (tmi..?) I'm having slight cramps every now and then but it feels like typical uterus expansion pains i had with my previous. my doctor did say he's not confident in giving me D&C until he knows for sure (Monday) I'm just a mess, i can't stop crying and worrying and just wanted to know if anyone else went through this and this is normal, or if i should be planning for the worst.

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