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6month old having trouble pooping

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My daughter is 6months old and still being breastfed. She has started having a hard time pooping. I started her on some bananas and sweetpotatos/apple as her first foods, which i thought would help soften her stool up a bit, but its not. I now am trying a little juice (apple/prune) and water mix about 2-3oz about midday. Does anybody have any good advice, im a little hesitant to try some new foods cuz shes been having such a hard time i dont wanna make it harder. Im not really sure which foods other than prunes that help with stool softening?

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Apples also help with bowel movements, but I think prunes work better.  My son had the exact same problem when he started on solids; I tried to give him water with his meals (not formula) to help his system digest the new foods.  It helped somewhat; he still pooped what I called "rabbit pellets" but at least they came out more often and with less fuss.  It took a while for his poops to get back to normal, but he's 19 months now and back on schedule.  You're doing the right thing; try not to worry too much, unless she goes for several days without pooping, and then maybe call her pediatrician for a sanity check. 
Don't give your baby bananas, they can be constipating. Baby food can make your baby constipated anyways but bananas will make it worse. Try prune baby food. Or Gerber apple juice might help also. Good luck.
Talk to your doctor about Mirlax. It's a powder that helps soften stool, to help with constipation. Non habit forming, tasteless and you add it to milk, juice or water. I used it for my son when he was a baby, toddler and still do now at times and he's 6. It will work!
bananas are prescribed for diarhea. try some oatmeal or those whole grain cereals. and mineral oil has no taste. you could add that. how much. depends

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