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7wks prego with my first child....

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im worried about a few things and i hope you ladies can help me out. first im only 7wks and almost all my family and friends know i am worried about this jenksing my pregnancy?? am i just overthinking this? and second i am worried about misscarrying, my mother had one before she had her last 2 pregnancys but my sister just had a healthy baby boy with no problems... could this mean ill be safe too?

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Relax, stressing out will not help. Talk to your doctor about your concerns, you might be considered high risk, but that usually isn't a big deal, it just means the doctor will pay a little more attention to how your body is overeacting to the pregnancy and perhaps make plans for you to see a specialist. Take good care of yourself and pay attention to your body. Unless you are having pain or bleeding, everything is probably fine. My mother had 14 pregnancies and only 2 children, I've had 2 children and I'm pregnant now, I've never had a miscarriage.
thank you for the advise! it helped alot! im trying to stay calm and just enjoy the ride now and im feeling great! thank you so much!
First remember that a miscarriage doesn't mean you can't have a child. Miscarriage is somewhat normal in a first time pregnancy because it's the body's process of eliminating something foreign from the body, especially if there is an abnormality in the fetus to begin with.  Don't worry if you don't have any signs of bleeding or discomfort. Worrying causes your blood pressure to be higher. Just relax and take it day by day! take care of yourself, take naps, eat healthy and drink a lot of water, and splurge on your cravings..... Enjoy being pregnant!!! the hard work starts at labor and when the babies come home!!!
misscarraiges dont run in the one in my family has had one but i did last year and there was no reason that caused it.just something that not prego with my baby grl due in 3 weeks :) sister had a misccaraige also but she didnt find out she was rh neg until she los it..neg blood causes misscarraiges..but there is no reason why u will not have a healthy pregnancy..dont stress out about it..take it one day at a time and im sure u will do fine! im still nervous literaly everyday but thats just me..just enjoy being pregnant :) theres really no such thing as jinxing ur pregnancy either..once u ahve ur first ultrsound in a few weeks alll ur worries will go away
i had my first ultrsound whent i was 7weeks along and got to see the heart beat and everything looked fine so that helped alot! i go back to the doc in 3weeks and im hopeing ill be able to hear the heart beat!
u just have to divert ur good movies....dont think about bad things... just pamper urself... u will be fine...i m also preg 12 weeks its mine first too , i was worrying like that when i was at 7 weeks...but then sm 1 said to me u cant control what u can control..thats to be happy be happy and dont worry..

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