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8 month old just started crying non stop about a week ago....

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my son is 8 months old. Just about a week ago, he started crying for no reason, non stop. You can feed him, try to play with him, nothing works. My fiance took him to the Dr. a couple of days ago, and they said that there is nothing physically wrong with him. Not teething, constipated, no ear infection, nothing. In the middle of the night, he wakes up just about every hour. one of us goes in, picks him up, and he is fine.. we wait until he falls asleep on our shoulder, go to put him down, and he wakes back up crying. We are both at a loss about what to do. Any suggestions?? thanks

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He may be going through a phase of separation anxiety. It's normal and babies/toddlers go through a few of these phases as they grow up. Give him as much attention as you can during the day and sit next to his crib while he falls asleep. Also, don't rule out teething. It's a long process and he could be starting on his molars, which are very painful. They start growing well under the gum so even if you can't see them, they're still there. Try giving him some teething tablets. They're homeopathic (no drugs/medications involved) and they generally have four remedies in them, one of which works on sleepless and grumpiness.

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