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8 months post partum, feels like a baby is still in there moving! Why?

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My son was born September 22nd, 2010 so he will be 8 months old this month. Since about 3 months or so after he was born I started feeling twitches identical to how it felt when my son would move around inside of my uterus. I put it off as it just being my uterus shrinking down to its regular size, but its still going on and happens more often, more regularly. Im not pregnant, as I have taken tests to be sure even though I have been having periods. They are decently regular, but the past couple months my periods have been up to 4 days late and that is not normal. They have never been even 1 day late! Even after I had my son right away they went back to normal, and were up until 3 months post partum...what is going on? Why does it feel like there is a baby squirming around in there? BTW, I have been having dreams every night about me being pregnant, probably just paranoia lmbo! Answers anyone?

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Huh..I feel those too and im 14 weeks pp..I think its normal. BTW my bby boys name is Josiah too :)
My cousin said she had that after her second child. So it does happen. Not sure why though. :)
OliviasMom81- Hmm maybe its phsycological, wierd... LOL blessed121908 -Josiah is a great name :) I got it from the bible! King Josiah, he was a good king, he helped God to get rid of idolatry :)
I am about a year pp, and I have no uturus, and sometimes i feel a flutter still.  Think it's the memories.  I did enjoy that part of being pregnant.
Yeah, that is true, that WAS the best part! I kinda miss being pregnant...aside from all the hot flashes, water weight, and vomiting, it was amazing lol. But yeah, I was kinda thinking it could be phsycological! Thanks for your answers!
the pregnancy symptoms of the hot flashes and water weight are nothing untill your on horemone replacement...  My post op symptoms of the hyst are definatly worse.  i would take pregnancy over this any day.
@JosiahsMommy2010 Yes it is and thats exactly why we named our son Josiah => My husband actually picked it..and I loved it
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