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8 months post partum, feels like a baby is still in there moving! Why?

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My son was born September 22nd, 2010 so he will be 8 months old this month. Since about 3 months or so after he was born I started feeling twitches identical to how it felt when my son would move around inside of my uterus. I put it off as it just being my uterus shrinking down to its regular size, but its still going on and happens more often, more regularly. Im not pregnant, as I have taken tests to be sure even though I have been having periods. They are decently regular, but the past couple months my periods have been up to 4 days late and that is not normal. They have never been even 1 day late! Even after I had my son right away they went back to normal, and were up until 3 months post partum...what is going on? Why does it feel like there is a baby squirming around in there? BTW, I have been having dreams every night about me being pregnant, probably just paranoia lmbo! Answers anyone?

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