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8 weeks tomorrow and decline in symptoms?!?

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hi, i'll be eight weeks pregnant tomorrow and it seems like i'm starting to feel a little better, my breasts aren't AS tender anymore and my nausea seems a little easier to manange now. now i'd be jumping for joy (if i weren't so tired) but before i get too happy i just wanted to make sure this doesn't mean i lost the baby or anything...what do you think?

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No symptoms come and go. You will have good days and bad days. Tomorrow you could wake up barfing and be wondering what you were worried about.  They tend to get better also towards the end of the first trimester.If you start cramping and bleeding then I would call the dr.
If you aren't experiencing any cramping or bleeding, you're probably fine. But, a sudden decrease in symptoms can be a sign of a low hormone level, which could mean there's something wrong. You may just be lucky though. You can call your doctor to see if he or she wants you to come in for a quick blood test, but chances are you're fine. Just be aware of your symptoms and what's going on with your body so that you'll notice any other changes.With this pregnancy I had breast tenderness immediately after getting pregnant until at least the end of my first trimester. I had morning sickness for about 4 months starting at 6 weeks. But, I didn't really have any symptoms beyond breast tenderness with my son. My morning sickness lasted for almost 6 months with my first daughter. It was terrible!
Your just having a girl thats all, with my two girls i was fine after my second month, but my boys i was sick till my 7th month girls are way easier then boys. I would suggest going in also just to make sure.
@keshacol23 Every woman is different. You can't say she's having one gender or the other simply based on her symptoms or lack of symptoms. With my girls I had horrendous morning sickness. I was sick for 6 months with my first. With my son I had absolutely no morning sickness.It all depends on how the baby's hormones influence your own. 

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