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8month with sacral dimple not sitting up should i be worried?

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My daughter just turned 8 months and still does not sit up...she kicks alot and can stand up and roll over but when i put her in her seat she doesn't like it at all. My doctor never even mention she cad this i was just looking at her med record and seen it. She also has her head to the side a lot. And when i hold her up her body somtimes. She also makes weird noises like somthing is in her chest. She is also constipated all the time i switched to soy milk but still coming out in pebbles...and she was born at a small birth weight was 4bl 11oz only two weeks early. Also the docs dodnt tell me she was under weight. I had to have a emergency c-section bcuz she was so sma) and heart rate kept droping wen i had contractions. She has her check up in 4 days i just wanted to knw if anyone can give me info. Please let me knw if anyone else had this problem and can it be fixed.

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