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8yr Olds disregard for rules or consequences.

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My 8yr old step son came home from school like any other day last tues. The following day I got a call from his teacher stating that he was given a note to give us about him telling another student he was going to kill them. First we had a conversation about how words are hurtful and how you can't tell people you are going to kill them. Then had him call his dad and tell him about what happened (he already was are of situation). My step son proceed to lie to his father about what happened and said the other student was choking him. Which we verified is not the truth. His punishment was no TV and due to other punishments going on his free time is spent in his room no friends over. The other morning before school I found him sitting in the living room watching TV and eating which in our home is not allowed. All eating is done at the table. My wife said she has caught him also doing this. When we try to ask him why he thought it was ok to do this he shows remorse for his actions and cries almost uncontrollably while answering. But next day he is doing it again like he didn't know and once again acknowledges he is not supposed to. This scenario happens anytime he is punished or is breaking rules. Where do we go from here.

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